Confederate Flag Parade In Rural Georgia Ends With Hilarious Wreck

Over the weekend one Georgian filmed a ‘Confederate Flag Parade’ featuring an endless line of jacked up trucks cruising the small town’s main drag and flying the Confederate Flag for everyone to see. The commentary on this video is top notch (aside from the tiny yapping dog), and this clip culminates with a three truck pile up for the ages.

Just when you thought these Georgia dudes were going to burn through the light and hit the next block of their parade the karma sets in, and you cannot help but laugh. But what makes this ‘instant karma’ you ask? For starters, I’ve probably never shared this with you bros but I despise parades. Not because I hate the patriotism of parades, in fact I’ve been known to enjoy myself at a 4th of July parade from time to time. I just straight up HATE when people are so drunk on a cause that they feel the need to go into the streets and scream about it in your face. It doesn’t sit well with me, I’m more of a ‘live and let live’ kind of guy. I’m not asking you for your opinion so you don’t need to give it to me, and that’s that.

Now know that none of what I’m saying applies directly to the Confederate Flag, I will not be sharing thoughts on that because it’d just be feeding the trolls, and I’m tired of feeding the trolls.

The other reason I felt that this video was deserving of an ‘instant karma’ tag is this reason: for literally OUR ENTIRE LIVES growing up and living in the South these dudes have been driving around flying the Confederate Flag. This is NOTHING NEW, so why the need to parade this crap in our faces now? Everyone already knows your stance on the flag debate, dude. You’ve had that flag sticker sitting next to your ‘Calvin pissing on a Dodge’ sticker on the back of your truck ever since I’ve known you, there’s no question where you stand on this debate. The fact that you felt the need to mobilize in rural Georgia, and drive around a town in unison, throwing it in the faces of everyone in sight, well that’s why you deserve the instant karma.