Congresswoman Hits Car, Forgets How To Park, Walks Away Like Nothing Happened

This video purports to show District of Columbia Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton attempting to park her car, and failing to do so in spectacular fashion. In fact, instead of parking her car like any person with a license should be capable of doing, she manages to hit the car next to her, and leave her vehicle half-cocked in the parking space and blocking in the car next to her.

The congresswoman is non-voting member of the U.S. House of Representatives, meaning she is not able to vote on the final passage of legislation, she is however able to serve on any number of committees and influence all sorts of legislation prior to votes….Let that sink in. A woman who cannot even park her car, who thinks it’s okay to hit other cars and walk away without leaving so much as a note, she’s serving in the U.S. Congress.

First reported on by the website Roll Call, they shared the details attached to the video above:

“If she parks like that she should not be a member of Congress anymore,” one mystified observer — who wisely recorded more than a minute of the automotive travesty — said as the video was being captured. The tipster said Norton rubbed the correctly positioned, red sports utility vehicle to her immediate left with her improperly angled silver sedan.

Per our tipster, Norton performed the sub-par squeeze-in around the same time the rest of her colleagues were crowding into the House chamber to hear the joint address by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.

At around the 40-second mark, an oblivious U.S. Capitol Police officer appears to zoom by on a motorcycle, right past the textbook parking offense.

Once the aide seen assisting Norton from outside the slow-moving vehicle finishes waving her into clearly disastrous position, Norton emerges from the car, clicks her remote-locking device (better safe than sorry) and starts to walk away.

Then, all of the sudden, she doubles back.

Has her conscience gotten the best of her? Is she going to slide a quickly composed apology onto the now-stuck truck’s windshield? Or perhaps a business card?


Norton simply retrieves some forgotten item from inside the car and then heads on her merry way.

Our spy estimates the entire head-scratching episode lasted about half an hour, including the painful insertion process and her 20-minute jaunt into Cannon.

30-minutes to hit a car and walk away from the accident? That’s the speed a U.S. Congresswoman is running at these days?

For more on this story you can head on over to Roll Call.