Convicted Sex Offender Arrested 28 Times, But His Mom Says He’s Just ‘Looking For A Wife’

Meet Basam Syed, he’s a registered sex offender who has an extensive rap sheet of 28 arrests. Despite his shocking criminal record, he still walks the streets of New York City. Last week, he was arrested for pressing against a straphanger’s butt on an East Side subway. It was only a year ago, he was found guilty of rubbing his genitals against the buttocks of another woman riding the No. 6 train.

The 35-year-old’s other arrests include from everything from drug charges to burglary to assaulting his girlfriend to tongue-kissing a 4-year-old boy. The revolting felon also committed four crimes while on probation for a 2014 sex crime.

However Syed’s mom has a perfectly reasonable explanation for his sexual deviancy; he’s just looking for the right woman. Wait. What?

“It’s not easy to find a wife and have kids,” the unconditional loving mother said on Friday. “She has to be a Pakistani. She has to be a Muslim girl.”

We’re talking about women who have the right not to be assaulted on the subway, not some Ford Focus that you can take for a test drive before you buy it.

“He doesn’t need help,” she said. “Nothing is wrong with him.” Umm 28 arrests probably means that there’s something indeed wrong with this disturbed man and he obviously needs help. But go ahead, keep turning a blind eye towards your darling boy until he does something even more reprehensible.

Love is blind, your mother started loving you before she ever saw your face. – Author unknown.