How to Cook Bacon Using a Machine Gun

by 5 years ago


Up until today, there were three acceptable ways to cook bacon (ranked in order of manliness): skillet, oven, microwave.

But that list was blown away by Redditor Oelund, who cooked his bacon using a 7.62mm machine gun he–you know–had lying around the kitchen.

You start by wrapping the barrel in tin foil. Then you wrap bacon around it, and tie it down with some string.

It is now ready to be inserted into the cooking device. I ripped the tin foil a little bit getting the barrel inserted. that part of the bacon got severely burned by hot gasses.

After just a few short bursts you should be able to smell the wonderful aroma of bacon.

He said he pumped out 250 rounds, but that 150 would probably be sufficient. This man is America.

[Bacon via Shutterstock; H/T @laurenonizzle]

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