The Coolest Virtual Reality Experiences You Can Have Right Now


The next great frontier in gaming and media is virtual reality. VR is like a technology-powered vacation — there’s the instant ability to immerse yourself in an entire new world, be it outer space, underwater, or behind the wheel with your favorite NASCAR drivers.  Thanks to the explosion of interest in Playstation VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Gear VR headsets, there are growing number of truly unique VR experiences.

Because VR is the future, here are our six current favorite VR experiences.

DEWcision VR Racing: Pitch Black 360

If you love adrenaline, Mountain Dew came up with a wild, choose-your-own adventure VR experience for the Oculus Rift VR headset. It’s a high-octane racing experience that will make your palms sweaty on the Oculus VR Steering Wheel. With DEWcision VR Racing: Pitch Black 360, you experience worlds powered by MTN DEW® PITCH BLACK® and MTN DEW BAJA BLAST® while being co-piloted by DEW NASCAR team members Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kasey Kahne and Chase Elliott. Check out the immersive 360 video above, which counts as a DEWcision vote towards keeping MTN DEW® PITCH BLACK® on shelves longer.

Tilt Brush

Remember your days of firing up MS Paint as a kid and channeling your inner Bob Ross? Google’s immersive artist VR experience is the 100% immersive version of that experience. It’s like you’re stepping inside a Picasso crafted by your own hand. Download it here.


The idea behind GrooVR is to visualize your music in a virtual reality experience. The app gives you eight different unique VR experiences that synch to millions of songs, giving you an opportunity to explore a VR world that’s pulsing with original music. Download it here.


There’s nothing more majestic than swimming with turtles, sting rays, and tropical fish on a snorkeling adventure. TheBlu is a way to submerge yourself into a Jules Verne-esque underwater environment without getting wet. There are all the dangers of a true marine environment: Sharks, jellyfish, and whales glide around while you doggy-paddle around a submerged ship. We tried this on the HTC Vive a couple weeks ago and it made us feel like Jacques Cousteau or Steve Zissou in The Life Aquatic. It’s pretty surreal.

Six Flags VR Rollercoasters

Back in March, we told you about the new VR rollercoaster simulators Six Flags is debuting this summer. Each one features Oculus-powered Gear VR headsets, a story about an alien invasion swarming in to attack Earth. In some parks there’s a Superman tie-in where you ride along with Clark Kent as he protects Metropolis from Lex Luther. Except on Six Flags: New England’s “Superman: The Ride” you’re actually wearing a Samsung Gear VR while riding the rollercoaster, doubling the ante on a immersive VR experience. Check out the preview above and a full breakdown on Six Flag’s website.

Duck Hunt Life VR

Duck Hunt is one of the great video games of all time. It’s impossible to tally how many hours we spent collectively blasting away at water fowl in the NES classic. Back in February Joseph Delgado, a 21-year old student from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, figured out how to re-wire the classic 8-bit game into a true Oculus Rift adventure for Global Game Jam 2016.

Unfortunately for us Duck Hunt enthusiasts, it’s still TBD on an official release. Let’s hope Nintendo gives it a green light.

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