Cop Leaves Behind A Snarky Ass Note After Confiscating A Dude’s Secret Drug Stash

by 4 years ago

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If you clicked on this post for an LOL, please see yourself out. Stolen drugs is a truly tragic tale and I will treat it as such. Why? Because I have empathy and compassion. They say never judge a drug-dealing hippy until you walk a mile in his Tevas, or at least I think that’s the phrase–I don’t know I’ve smoked a shitload of weed, my memory is as reliable as a drug dealer without transportation.

Regardless, drugs are a wonderful time as long as you’re not reckless, and if you’ve ever misplaced a bag, you know there’s not a worse feeling than expecting to alter your state of mind only to be forced into living your shitty life completely sober. Well, maybe a death in the family is comparable. But only immediate family. It was grandma’s time, bro.

But that’s exactly happened to this London bro who got his super secret outdoor stash jacked by the Po Po. It’s one thing to have your nugs hijacked, its another thing to have the thief brag about it on social media.

As if the public shaming wasn’t enough, the officer dropped the dude a note to add insult to injury.

Damn, this cop must have a HUGE night stick.

Oh well, looks like the dude will just have to grow a little more this month. Congrats on the big W in the War on Drugs, officer. Confiscating those two grams of schwag is a debilitating blow to all those stoned violent criminals out there.


[h/t LADbible]

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