Cop Stops Kids For No Reason Except For Them To Teach Him How To Do The Nae Nae

Quashing stereotypes and preconceived biases is an important step in making a better world and we all need to do our part in eliminating these unfruitful viewpoints. Police Sgt. Alan Eddins did his part to dispel unfair perceptions about cops.

Knowing that only a small portion of cops are assholes, and right now his fellow police officers have had a period of horrendous public relations, Eddins attempted to better the bond within his community. On the 4th of July, Alan was driving through the Texas neighborhood of Ennis. He was searching for a specific person to serve an arrest warrant, but the individual was not home. While he couldn’t find the criminal, he did find adorable kids dancing in a backyard.

“I just stopped to chat with them and see what’s going on,” Eddins said. “They invited me to come out and do that [dance] and I reluctantly agreed.”

The officer received a free lesson on how to do the Nae Nae, the popular dance to Silento’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).” While I think his teachers did a splendid job, Dancing with the Stars might not be in Alan’s future.

The video quickly went viral and the Ennis Police Department shared it on their Facebook.

“It’s been fun, quite comical actually. I never thought it would reach the number of views it’s gotten,” Eddins told News 8 Daybreak. “With all the negative press that police have gotten lately, it’s just a good thing to get out and interact with the community.”

The mother of the kids, Shanitra Robinson, shared the video on her Facebook with the caption, “I guess all EPD ain’t bad look at officer Eddings out with the kids doing the nae nae.”

No, not all cops are bad.