Cops Shutdown Underage Party A Day Before It Even Happened In The Best Possible Way



You want to invite a shitload of friends to your bitchin’ party so you advertise it on social media. Problem is that not just your fam is on social media, there’s also law enforcement. These Canadian kids learned the hard way.

When the RCMP in Saskatchewan heard about an underage party they responded in the best way possible on Facebook.

Thanks for the invite to the underage frosh party in the #Lumsden area on Saturday night. Lumsden #RCMP will bring…

Posted by Saskatchewan RCMP on Friday, September 18, 2015

Passive aggressive much? “Lumsden #RCMP will bring chips and salsa and a choice of possible charges for the party goers.” I hope they bring lime-flavored tortilla chips and medium salsa. Still hilarious seeing a mountie with a bowl of chips.

The legal drinking age in Saskatchewan is 19 years old.

The list of possible charges include:
• Open liquor – $250
• Underage drinking – $360
• Littering – $250
• Providing liquor to a minor – $1050

Most found the post to be effective and comical, but one woman responded to the post by saying:

None of you even know how this party is handled..the keys are taken when the kids get there if they drive and don’t get them back if they are drinking..there is a place to stay over or parents bring and come and get them..I suppose none of you drank underage at your graduations that schools used to put on before the dry grads started..this is parents and kids planning a party together so they are safe just like the schools used to do for underage kids..great job at telling the whole province there is a party out here somewhere so everyone will be out looking for it or crashing it who don’t belong causing problems for our kids now.

That $1050 Providing Liquor to a Minor charge doe.

Lesson learned, send a private invitation to everyone and hope that they keep it under their hat.

UPDATE: it appears that the cops actually brought chips.