Hold My Beer: Rednecks Give ‘Couch Surfing’ A Whole New Meaning

For over a decade now the term ‘Couch Surfing’ has been synonymous with the hippie service (hospitality exchange) where people travel throughout the world allowing smelly strangers to sleep on their couch, and vice versa. Leave it to the Great American Redneck to reappropriate the term back to a much more literal meaning: using your couch and a towline to surf/wakeboard behind your truck.

This is 100% one of those moments that began with the phrase ‘Hold My Beer‘, because the only thing missing from the video is the dudes on the couch holding beers. I imagine that before the trio hopped on the couch they were crushing some Red Dog Beer, or Genesee Cream Ale…That seem about right?

I especially like this part about :55 in when they hit the mud patch and the dudes on the couch got absolutely wrecked: