Councilman Forgets To Take Off Mic During Town Meeting, Goes To Take A Piss And Broadcasts His Tinkle To EVERYONE

It what looks and sounds like a real-life parody of Lt. Frank Drebin from the comedy classic Naked Gun, this Texas councilman took his work with him in his personal life, to the bathroom to take a whiz.

During a town council meeting in Georgetown, Texas, an unidentified councilman had to piss like a race horse, so he excused himself. Rachael Jonrowe, the city’s mayor pro tem, continues the meeting and speaks seriously about drug-resistant diseases and how her mother was striken with MRSA. During her very serious discussion about deadly diseases, the sound of piss splashing into a toilet was broadcast over the loudspeakers. Apparently, the councilman who had to make a wee-wee forgot to take his microphone off and was broadcasting his piss sesh to the entire room. You can see various members and audience members bent over in pains from laughing so hard at the sounds of the yellow waterfall.

It comes to a close when the gush of the toilet flushing is broadcast to everyone. However one thing was missing, there were no sounds of the sink water or the paper towel dispenser. So it appears that this councilman brought his piss-fingers right back to the meeting to handle paperwork and the like. What a pisser.

Oh why God couldn’t he have needed to empty his bowels! That would have been perfect. The grunting and the plops.