World Map Shows Which Countries Do The Most Of Every Type Of Drug And It’s A Proud Day For America!

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Recovery Brands

So much for being the World’s only superpower, huh? Edged out by Spain for cocaine usage. Fucking Spain!?!

Not only that, but we were also beat out in pot smoking, something America really prides itself in these days. Got out-stoned by Iceland.


Ah well, I guess we can’t be the best at everything. At least we’re dominating the world at opioid usage, which, if you’re unaware, are medications like Vicodin, OxyContin and codeine that relieve pain. The pain of coming in second to Spain for cocaine use, Iceland for pot smoking and other first world problems that American’s are saddled us with.


Recovery Brands

As for alcohol usage, we didn’t even crack the top five. Don’t fret. After the stock market massacre of the last few days, we’ll likely rise a few notches in the ranking. Stocks go down = Boozin’ goes up. Learned that in Finance 101.


Recovery Brands

Lastly, we come to amphetamines, which include stuff like Adderall and also life-altering shit like Meth and Meth’s buddy CRANK. I’ve got to be honest, I’m not even 100% sure what CRANK is (other than a euphemism I often use to refer to masturbation), but it’s good to see that the cream, once again, rose to the top in this category. America, home of the strung-out, divot-faced meth head. Go us!


Recovery Brands

[H/T Daily Mail]

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