Couple Filmed Banging In The Window Of Russian Parliament And There’s Video You’ll Want To Watch

Crazy things going on at the Russian Parliament building where a couple was “going at it like rabbits” in one of the windows. That’s old people slang for “fucking” is what I’m thinking and do rabbits really fuck a lot or do they do it with such fervor that the expression…

…nevermind, there’s long distance banging to watch.

Isn’t it weird how even though you can barely see what’s going on it’s still hot as hell? Like that could be Putin sticking it in your mom’s brown eye and you’ve still got a chub. Humans are so damn horny.

According to Mirror UK, “Their window was only one of two lit up in the whole building which meant their apparent secret tryst wasn’t quite as inconspicuous as they might have thought.”

Maybe they didn’t give a shit? I’ve got to think if you’re banging in the Parliament building, you’re really not one to care about keeping up appearances.

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[via Death & Taxes]

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