Couple Celebrates Getting Divorced By Throwing A Lavish ‘Divorce Party’ With Friends And Neighbors

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Emma Becerra‘s parents just got divorced. Despite breaking vows they both swore to uphold and keeping the wedding gifts everyone gave them under the pretense that they’d stay together, the former couple could not be happier about failing at love. This is evidenced in a Divorce Party the two of them threw on the day their divorce legally went into action, a giddy, celebratory occasion with neighbors and friends of the two in attendance.

Party activities include, probably:

  • Pin the tail on the nanny
  • Wedding ring raffle
  • (Ex)-husband gift presentation: A leather jacket and a motorcycle.
  • (Ex) wife gift presentation: A Soul Cycle membership and a load from the mailman.

The two spared no expense on the party…







I would write what I really think about these wackos but statistically speaking, either you or I are going to get divorced in our lifetime and we’re boys so I don’t want to do you like that.

I would, however, like to send my condolences to Emma Becerra for her parents’ uncoupling. Must suck ass to get double the Christmas presents.

[h/t Some eCards]

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