This Couple Has Been Been Married For Eight Years But Are Getting Their Marriage Annulled Because They NEVER Had Sex

Eight years. That’s 2,920 days that this guy and this woman were stuck together, living lives filled with resentment and unfulfilled morning wood pitching a tent no one’s living in at least 3-4x a week. You’d think that they would’ve just gone ahead and gotten their marriage annulled within the first month of discovering that their union was basically a wasteland of blue balls, but some people are optimists. Me? I’m the opposite. I woulda dipped outta this shit in 10 seconds flat if I knew he wasn’t willing to bang me, and I’d hope he would do the same for me. Common courtesy, you know?

According to Metro, an unidentified woman went to court asking for her marriage to be annulled “because her husband had no interest in sex.” Keep that in your mind – according to HER, HE didn’t want to have sex.

The couple were only intimate once a month for a couple of minutes – always on a Sunday at around 10pm and never involving intercourse, local media said.

Each time, the wife (who has not been named) allegedly found the experience traumatic and ended up crying throughout the night.

10 p.m. makes sense – it’s right after Game of Thrones is over and you KNOW that show can get you randy with all its naked people runnin’ around. However, according to Metro the WIFE was the one who found their “attempt” (if you can even call it that) at sex traumatic. So what gives? Did she want to have sex or did she not? Was he just a complete asshole between the sheets?

The story gets worse.

The court heard the couple wed in 2000 after a short relationship despite the fact they had never spent any time alone together, instead always being chaperoned by the wife’s parents.

After their honeymoon was over and they returned to Malta, the husband did not even want to go to their marital home but preferred staying with his mum and dad.

After seven and a half years the woman told the court she was ready to have children and even brought up IVF, but her husband made excuses for not having sex such as being busy with work.(via)

I can’t quite put my finger on what the problem is here since there’s too many to count: dates chaperoned by parents? Husband doesn’t even want to ENTERTAIN the thought of staying at home with his new wife, and even goes so far as to make excuses to get out of having sex when propositioned? Sounds to me like this was an arranged marriage gone wrong, although I could be wrong since it’s not stated outright. Sometimes two people just shouldn’t be married – especially if an intervention from a marriage counselor can’t help anything:

When things reached breaking point the woman went to a marriage counsellor.

She claimed at that point she established her husband needed psychiatric help for his perfectionist fixations.

During the relationship she suffered emotionally because her husband refused to take any responsibility and even took his father along to separation meetings, she claimed.(via)

As for what became of the marriage annulment, the court reportedly accepted the request and declared their marriage null.

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