Couple Takes Dumb Selfie With Dumpster Fire And Then Awesome Happened

People take way, way, way too many selfies. We know what your dumb face looks like, so if you go a day without the photo-documentation of your egghead we promise that we won’t forget what you look like. However that doesn’t stop selfie addicts from snapping pics on the daily.

These two New Haven, Connecticut residents thought they’d heat up their selfie game with a photo that had a dumpster fire in the background. With the amount of effort that was put forth in getting the dumb photo you’d think that something extraordinary was going down like an eruption of the Old Faithful geyser or Justin Bieber making a quality song. But no, just your regular St. Patrick’s Day weekend dumpster fire.

Most people will respect your selfie and stay out of frame. However it turns out that firefighters don’t exactly have the time or the deference for your stupid picture to wait until your done taking a selfie. They have to douse that dumpster and put out that flame, whether there are selfie enthusiasts in the immediate area or not.

Boy that water looks like it hurt.