Watch Couples Ask Each Other If They’re ‘The Best Sex You’ve Ever Had’ And Probably Lie Through Their Teeth

by 4 years ago


Is your current girlfriend/boyfriend the best sex you’ve ever had? Are they really? Don’t lie to me now. It’s okay if they weren’t; not everyone can be a panther in the bedroom. While I don’t think that everyone in this video is lying through their teeth, I’m sure a few are. No one likes being told “You rank at exactly number 7.5 out of the 8 people I’ve slept with.”

“Why the .5?”

“I got with a midget once. Can’t count him as a full number.”

As for some context, the clip comes from an “interactive documentary” titled “The And” by Topaz Azides. The purpose of the documentary is to show how real couples actually interact rather than how they’re portrayed in movies, i.e. love-dove-sex-mex-supergods. Some of the couples immediately say “Yes! You are!” while others are like “Uhh….sure. No. Maybe?”

How would you respond if your significant other asked you the same?