Couples Describe What ‘Dirty Talk’ Sounds Like For Them In Bed And I’m Shocked By Some Of These Responses

If you’ve never been fortunate enough to have sex with someone that’s truly gifted at ‘dirty talk‘ then I want you to add this to your bucket list now. Getting to know someone in the biblical sense is in and of itself a great time, but it becomes a transcendent experience when the person you’re having sex with has a gift of raunchy gab.

Above, the folks over at Cut Video put together this clip of couples discussing their dirty talk routine in bed. If the name Cut Video rings a bell it’s probably because they’re the people behind one of my all time favorite viral videos: Grandmas Smoke Weed For The First Time, Play Cards Against Humanity, And I Just Died Laughing.

What I find the most remarkable about this clip is how open some couples are discussing their dirty talk sexual habits on camera while others are afraid to share much at all. Some couples don’t share the things they say during ‘dirty talk’ because they assume it’s too raunchy for YouTube, which makes me all the more curious as to what in the heck they’re saying between the sheets.

There’s nothing particularly illuminating about this video. I just thought it would be a good share for you bros on this Tuesday morning/afternoon. If you’re looking to elevate things in the bedroom you can share this with whoever it is you’re currently having sex with, or looking to have sex with, and this just might be the catalyst you need to bring things to the next level.

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