This Co-Worker Thought They Were Signing A Birthday Card, Ended Up Looking Like A Massive A-Hole



Let this be a lesson to all you bros who sign things without reading them first. The order of operations is as follows: read, then sign. Otherwise you might end up signing away your rights on a contract you breezed over, or you could find yourself pouring salt in the wounds of a co-worker who recently lost a loved one. The point is, if you don’t read what you’re signing before inking your signature to something this could happen to you, and then you will end up as the ‘office asshole’ until the end of time:


Imgur / TheHighFlyer

I’m not sure what’s worse though, that mistake or this one that came from someone who clearly doesn’t know how to spell. They meant to say ‘loss’, instead they wrote this:



This image came from Reddit, and I felt the need to share the top comment with you bros because it’s another good example of how you should always take the time to read before signing AND not get too flustered.

Once, at work I had two cards to sign. One was a happy birthday card, the other was a condolences card for a coworker who’s pet duck had died (I know. It was weird.) I got them mixed up and wrote “I’m sorry about your duck” in the birthday card and “happy birthday” in the duck card. “I’m sorry about your duck” became the new “happy birthday” in the department for like a year. Much to the poor duck lady’s despair.
She loved that duck.

In summation, I hope you bros learned nothing here today because I don’t want to live in a world where people don’t fuck up when signing condolences or congratulations. People making mistakes makes for better content, and content is the game I’m playing.

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