Moment Unsuspecting Crab Gets Merked By Octopus Flying Out Of Water

This poor crab is minding his business, catching some rays in Yallingup, a town in Western Australian. That’s when Porsche Indrisie begins filming the shellfish. The crab is so fixated on the giant human being that could eat him that it forgets that there are dangers in the water as well.

While the crab is eyeing up Porsche, a hungry octopus launches itself out of the water and tackles the crab. The cephalopod wraps it’s eight tentacles around the crab and drags it back to it’s lair in the rockpool.

The narrator ends the video by saying, “Holy shit!” Holy shit indeed.

The blood of that crab is on your hands Porsche. If the crab wasn’t so preoccupied with you making crabby patties out of him then maybe he would have seen that leaping octopus and avoided a watery death by suffocation and being mauled by a beak.