Attention Bros: If This Is Your Bulge, A Chick On Craigslist Wants You

Craigslist Bulge


Attention all men riding the New York City subway system — if you can verify that this is indeed your chub the pair of Old Navy workout shorts, some lovely lady is looking for you on Missed Connections.

Who is she? She snapped the bulge shot while standing next to you on the subway platform. Here’s more explanation:

You were on the E train last night, with some shorts on…office type, heading to the gym? And I could totally see your bulge!! We made eye contact 2 or 3 times…and I know you totally wanted me. If you are real, tell me what I had on and send me 0.BTC equivalent to the time that we saw each other…I’m waiting

Instead of just making conversation while you’re obviously almost ready to go, this young lass instead took an unauthorized dick pic, posted it to a public forum, and is now interested in having sexual relations.

I’m almost positive this is how Prince William and Kate met.

If you are this bulge or know this bulge, or you are this young lady, please drop us a line. We want to know how all this turns out.

H/T Craigslist

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