Philanthropic Man Makes Craigslist Post Offering To Rate The Boobs Of All NYC Women For Free

A good samaritan who has dated ‘models and strippers’ has taken to Craigslist to offer up his philanthropic services to all the women of New York City. He provides a very unique service, one that’s not often found in the Yellow Pages, and NO, I’m not talking about the plot to ‘Taken’.

This New Yorker is offering to check out the boobs of any and every woman in New York City and provide feedback. He claims that women can’t trust their men when asking how their boobs look, so he’s going to be the Boob-Judging Knight in Shining Armor.

The Craigslist post has since been flagged for removal, but an unnamed friend of mine was quick enough to screengrab it before it was taken down, and for that we are thankful.

Living in NYC I can tell you it is NOT hard at all to get laid. But this man’s thinking on a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. He’s out to provide a service what will help people feel better about themselves (so he claims), and he’s offering up his services free of charge. We need more people like this in our once great city…

j/k, it’s still the best city in the world. Also, Boston’s just a town, bros. It’s not even a city. It’s a town full of townies. How do you even live with yourselves knowing it’s not a great American city?