See How Crappy And Fake The Kardashians All Are With This Time Lapse Between 2007 And Today

For the past few weeks we’ve done our best to not post anything Kardashian related. To be fair to us, you turdbags are the ones who click on every goddamn Ktard link so I don’t know what you expected — we live off clicks. It’s like going up to your aquarium, dumping out all the water and then expecting the fish inside to swim just as goddamn well through the air. That’s not the most accurate analogy but I don’t care, the point is we haven’t posted jack shit.

So then why are we posting this today? Because today sucks. Today is boring. There is literally nothing happening on the Internet today except for bullshit rumors about Lamar Odom’s impending/not impending/possibly impending death and…no, wait that’s it.

In other words, we’re really scratching the bottom of the barrel with this post. So don’t judge, just watch the time lapses and be like “Ha ha ewwww” then go on with your life.