This Is The Craziest Shot At A Bar Ever And You Could Get Brain Damage Doing It

by 3 years ago

When you buy a shot at the bar you are looking to get hammered very quickly. However in Russia, you don’t pound shots, shots pound you.

This brave or more likely idiotic bar patron asks for a military shot. Big mistake. The bartender immediately begins clearing the entire area, which is a bad sign. They then hand him a green military helmet, which is a really, really bad sign. A whistle blows. And so the shot begins.

CAUTION: Please don’t attempt this at home kids.

A glass, much larger than a shot glass, typically used for drinks on the rocks is filled with a clear alcohol and then promptly slammed onto the helmet. The gentleman drinks it. He then gets smacked in the head with what appears to be a rolling pin. A glass full of a blue liquid, which I believe is some mixture of Blue Curacao, is then thumped on his head. He drinks it. He gets rewarded by getting cracked in the head with a fire extinguisher. Another glass of clear liquid is slapped on his head and then he slurps it down as he gets smashed in the head with a shovel. Then a red drink gets thwacked on his head and he pounds it. Finally he gets walloped in the head with a keg.

This gentleman paid to do this. I’m sure he won’t have a mind-numbing hangover or anything.


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