This Test On How To Properly Put On A Condom Will Make You A Huge Supporter Of ‘The Pill’

This safer sex ‘Crazy Condom Quiz’ is designed to teach students how to put on a condom properly, claiming that when condoms are used they are 97-98% effective (why not just say 97.5%?).

Presumably ‘effectiveness’ here is referring to preventing pregnancy AND STI’s. There’s just one problem with this quiz: it’s one big reminder that condoms are awful.

Taking the quiz myself I scored a whopping ‘FML’, which I don’t have to tell you but out here on the Internet that stands for ‘Fuck My Life’, which is precisely the state of being a man is left with after using a condom during sex. According to the quiz above there’s any number of steps that a man can take when having sex using a condom, ALM is a very popular one, I’d venture to say that FML is even more popular, or some bros might just skip having a partner altogether and go straight G-B.

As stated over on Reddit, the opportunities here are ENDLESS. For instance, if you’re like this guy who likes to hotbox himself with a condom over his head you can then skip to I-K and be done with it.

I’m interested though, what are your combinations bros? Are you an ALM or a FML? Answers down below in the comments!