There Are Really, Really Creepy Clowns Invading This Town

Not since the 1970’s when serial killer John Wayne Gacy was terrifying everyone as “Pogo the Clown” have clowns been so feared. Last week the television show American Horror Story opened their new season with a maniacal clown that goes on a murdering spree. And now there are scary ass clowns stalking a town in California. Thankfully these ghoulish clowns don’t kill anyone, but they’ll sure scare the shit out of you. They haunt the town of Wasco and then post their eerie photos on Instagram, where they have more than 15,000 followers. The identity of the Wasco clown is unknown, but in an interview he says that his ominous images are for a year-long photography project conducted by his wife. And I just crossed Wasco off my “Places I Need To Visit” list.