The Founder of ‘Critique My Dick Pic’ Gave Some Advice Today on How to Send a Great Dick Pic

It's founder, Madeleine Holden, started the site so males could get an unbiased opinion on their cock shot game. Holden prides herself on her being equanimous with her ratings, judging not the actual dick, but the picture itself (lighting, stance, hand position). It's actually a pretty cool idea, and her site is hysterical, although it does involve lots of pictures of dicks. But today, she wrote about her experience running the blog on The Hairpin. It's an awesome read, which you should check out. 

I know you aren't going to read it. So here are some tips from the article to step up your shots. 

What makes a good dick pic? I’m often asked this, and I consistently repeat a few key tips: don’t send a log.

And what's “a log?”

“the log” is when you take a bird’s eye view, close-up shot of your enormous dick, with your dick taking up most of the frame & with very little surrounding detail. dudes, they’re boring. they’re ~so~ boring. they say “look at my fat cock” & fuck all else. they say “i’m hung, but i’m remarkably dull”.

So… don't do that. Apparently women dislike that. Then what is the goal? Well, according to Holden, it's all about adding a little tender love and care to your shot. 

Realize the power of your hands to transform a dick pic from ordinary to wettie-inducing. Pay attention to the background and setting of your picture, and understand how off-putting a visible pile of dirty laundry or extremely mundane collection of shower gels can be. Be aware that even a very small amount of thought and consideration for the desires of your receiver will set you apart from most dick pic senders, and take advantage of that by putting more than three second’s thought into the pose, composition and lighting of your picture. 

Also, remember, they should never be unsolicited. And don't ever use a flash. 

[H/T @KellyAlysia; Dick image via Shutterstock]