Deadly Crocodile And A Shark Fight Over A Fish…Who Ya Got?

Crocodiles, just like the Wu-Tang Clan, are nothing to fuck with. They are the masters of their domain. Likewise, sharks are pretty much at the top of the food chain when it comes to any situation in life. It’s not often that we see a shark and a crocodile cross paths, but this exact scenario went down in the Prince Regent River in Western Australia.

Some fishermen were tossing discarded fish overboard for the croc who was swimming just a few feet behind the boat, fighting the river’s current. The croc went to eat the fish and out of nowhere a shark came barreling in and challenged the massive crocodile for the easy meal. An aquatic brouhaha ensued and when the bubbles had settled the crocodile emerged as the victor.

“The boat crew were filleting fish from a recent fishing expedition and were disposing of some of the fish scraps off the back of boat when the croc approached from nearby mangroves,” Kennedy told PerthNow. “Surrounding the boat were several sharks which had begun to circle the boat to eat the fish scraps.” (h/t UPI)

Nature is terrifying.