Boston Celtics’ Jae Crowder’s Girl Hacked His Instagram Account So She Could Put His Side Chick On Blast

by 3 years ago


Look, I get that famous people don’t necessarily adhere to the same rules that us peasants get stuck with. They get out of traffic tickets, don’t have to pay at restaurants and they skip the lines at all the clubs whereas I sit at home in my underwear watching Netflix because I hate clubs and in reality that part about being a celebrity doesn’t bother me whatsoever. When it comes to side chicks though, they’ve gotta keep it on the down-low the same as the rest of us. You can’t go around flaunting the random bimbo you slept with last night just the same as Jae Crowder can’t be bangin’ “A FORMER DRUG DEALER” who “HAS ABANDONED HER CHILD TRYING TO COME UP OFF ATHLETES” in the guest bedroom while his family is still in the house. Those quotes are direct from Jae Crowder’s actual girl, all caps. Via Instagram Celeb_Gozzip:




And because we are all adults and know how to communicate effectively sans throwing dishes and putting people on blast over Instagram, Jae Crowder later uploaded this lovely family photo to his Instagram. Ahh, the fresh smell of a tail-between-your-legs cover-up. I love it.

[H/T Instagram Celeb_Gozzip]

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