Watch A Massive Cruise Ship Obliterate A Marina In Italy

Did you ever see humongous cruise ships get towed by tiny lil tug boats and wonder why? This ginormous Carnival Vista destroying a marina in Sicily, Italy is EXACTLY why gigantic cruise ships get towed by tiny lil tug boats.

The 133,500-ton Carnival Vista, the largest ship in the Carnival fleet, obliterated a concrete pier and some boats when it left the port. The magnificent cruise liner created a “mini-tsunami” with it’s wake causing extensive damage to the port in Messina on August 28.

May want to change the name from the Carnival Vista to the Carnival Suck My Wake.


The Great Outdoors

Hey Italy, before you get all bent out of shape about your dinky pier, just be happy we didn’t sink our boat like that drunk Italian captain did to the Costa Concordia.

This joke was a lot funnier when I did not know that the Italian cruise line Costa was bought out by Carnival in 2000. I’m still leaving it in because they were originally Italian and were since 1854.