Curious What Weed Those Grandmas Smoked? And If They’ll Ever Do It Again? We Have The Answers


Yesterday saw three adorable grandmothers take the internet by storm by packing up a bong and puff, puff, passing. The video was produced by Mike Gaston, who just happens to be friends with BroBible’s Cass Anderson.

We thought a follow-up interview was merited. And we knew just the perfect person to do it. For right across from us is Bucky Turco of Animal New York (we are owned by the same company). Dude inhales weed, and is quite the reporter to boot. So he got right to the heart of the heady matter. Here are some excerpts from the interview, but be sure to check out the whole thing.

Where did you find the grandmas?
[Finding grandmas who had never smoked weed] was the hardest part of this whole thing. The first thing we thought was, “Let’s call our grandmas.” Well, it turns out that all of our grandmas have smoked weed. Then we’re like, “So, let’s ask our friends’ grandmas.” They too have smoked weed. After asking tons of peoples’ grandmothers whether or not they had smoked weed, we finally had go to a talent agency. Even then it was difficult! We’d meet grandmas who’d claimed they’d never smoked weed, but after just a little bit of grilling, it was clear that they had, but like 40 years before.

Apparently, the Greatest Generation wasn’t nearly as wholesome as we thought. What did they toke?

What kind of weed were they smoking?
The weed, the name of it is Lavender. When we were looking at it, we were like, “Let’s find something that they can ease into, not the type of thing we’re going to give them and they’re going to freak out.” Here’s the thing: If they had never drank alcohol before, I wouldn’t have made them do a ton of shots all at once, either, you know? Let’s let them feel it and be happy, and that’s about it.

Smart. What was the reason for doing the video?

Do you think a video like this can change attitudes and stigmas surrounding weed?
When we made it, it wasn’t because we really had a political statement to make. But I will say that what we wanted to do was just have people reflect on those stigmas and kind of take a look on it honestly. Are we being concerned about the right thing? Having totally average, normal grandmas smoking weed for the first time and witnessing what they went through and kind of seeing how incredibly tame and fun it was, it does make you rethink some stuff.

And lastly, will these grandmother keep toking? Some yes, some no.

We did ask them afterwards if they’d ever do it again. Paula was purely a yes, Deirdre was kind of on the fence, and I think that was really depending on what the situation would be like. Dorothea, the one in the middle, actually said that it would be unlikely that she would do it again because it’s not what she expected.

Read the whole thing here. It’s a great interview.