Watch As A Cute Weather Reporter Gets Straight Up Slapped In The Face With A Fish Mid-Broadcast

And I’m not saying that someone ran up out of nowhere and slapped this cute weather reporter in the face with a fish. No, that fish jumped out of the ocean of its own volition and straight cold cocked that cutie upside the head.

The woman in the video isn’t actually a straight weather reporter, she’s actually a Welsh travel vlogger for the website Kinging-It, and when she got hit in the dome with that gigantic fish she was on site for Britain’s horrific storms last week. This video is a little sketchy. The angle of the wave and the direction that the fish fly at her head don’t exactly match up, but they kind of do, and why does she fall to the ground? I mean, she was clearly shocked after getting hit in the face with a fish, but shocked enough to hit the deck?

I guess I just need some answers about this video, but since this is the Internet I’m fairly certain I’ll never get those answers. For now I’ll just have to accept that this chick got hit in the face with a fish during a live broadcast.

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