Bro Buys A Giant Wheel To Spin Around In, Tracks His Progress For 30 Days And Holy Crap It’s Impressive

The Cyr Wheel is considered an acrobatic/circus device, and it’s allegedly been popular since the early 2000’s. I say allegedly because I’ve never before now seen one of these wheels in action, but holy crap this was impressive.

One bro, presumably from Florida due to all the palm trees in the background, bought one of these Cyr Wheels and tracked his progress in a time lapse video every day for 30 days. At first he looks about exactly as you might imagine a man spinning inside a giant wheel might look: awkward, not very coordinated, constantly falling apart.

But as the video goes on this dude’s skill peaks, and somehow I’m left sitting here thinking ‘maybe I should buy a big wheel to spin around on?’

If my weak description above wasn’t enough to sell you on why this is awesome, just give the video a shot. Firstly: this wheel appears to be a serious form of exercise, and I dig that. Secondly: the fact that someone, somewhere can make spinning inside a giant wheel look cool is reason alone to watch this.

via Eric Hunter

Just because something shouldn’t (in theory) be awesome doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome:


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