Dad Committed Suicide After Discovering His Daughter Posed In Playboy

by 5 years ago

Model Loredana Chivu has come to terms with the tragic death of her father and reveals the sad details.

Chivu stripped off her clothes for the Romanian edition of Playboy magazine to the jubilation of most. However her father was not so proud of his little girl. “He stopped speaking to me, he was pretty upset,” Chivu said. “When he found out what I had done he cut himself off from the world and tried to isolate me as well from the rest of the family.”

The model claims she always had a close relationship with her father, but things immediately deteriorated after her Playboy spread. They got into a huge fight and they stopped talking to each other. “We had always been close and talked every day and suddenly that stopped after the photographs,” said Chivu.

A few months later, she went to his house to reconcile but it was too late. “I found him hanging from a beam in the attic,” she said.

Even after six years, Loredana has been haunted by her father’s early demise and feared that their fight sparked his death. “I never recovered from the shock of finding him.”

“He had not left a suicide note, and everybody said that up to the end he seemed cheerful, and it was a complete mystery as to why he would do something like this,” she said.

The Playboy model regrets never getting the chance to speak to him about their argument. Chivu revealed, “Even after all this time I find it hard to come up with words to talk about it, it is still too painful. I would not wish this on anyone.”