Dad With A NSFW Case Of Tourette’s Plays Cards With His Daughter. He Laughs, She Laughs, Now I’m Laughing

In this clip both the father and daughter suffer from Tourette’s Syndrome, but as the dad mentions in the video’s description the daughter has a much less severe case. To most people Tourette’s Syndrome is just something they occasionally see on TV (like in South Park), or once in a blue moon in public, but to people who suffer from Tourette’s Syndrome it’s presents a very real struggle each day.

The video above was uploaded by this dad back in May on honor of Tourette’s Day 2016, a day that helps raise awareness for the inherited neuropsychiatric disorder. Until reading up on it some just now I actually had no idea that Tourette’s was inherited, so I guess this dad already succeeded in spreading awareness for the disease.

Furthermore, I wasn’t really sure on whether or not I should be laughing while watching this video, because it’s a very real disorder that they both suffer from. On the other hand they’re both laughing up a storm and having a grand old time, so I figured I could laugh right along with this and I could spread awareness by sharing this video with all you bros. This was a funny clip, and I hope we can all laugh and learn a little bit here today, because why the fuck not? So if you want to keep on fucking reading about Tourette’s then follow that link to head on over to wiki!

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