Dad Stops Daughter’s Wedding To Pull Classy Bro Move And The Pics Will Make You Tear The Hell Up

dads wedding day
Delia D Blackburn

Life isn’t easy and somewhere along the line you’ve got to make tough, and shitty, decisions. This dad separated from his wife. A family was broken up. I don’t know the backstory, or who was to blame, but breaking up a family is never simple.

One of the first thoughts that runs through a man’s head during that time is “eventually, one day, some other guy is going to become a father to my kids.” It’s enough to keep a bro up at night. You only hope the old lady doesn’t go off and marry an absolute shit head.

This dad got lucky. His ex-wife obviously found a solid dude who treated the kids as his own. He wanted to say thank you in the nicest way possible — by asking the step-dad to assist him in walking his daughter down the aisle.

Todd Bachman was walking his daughter down the aisle when he suddenly stopped, in order to get her stepfather to walk alongside him. The moment was captured by the wedding photographer, Delia Blackburn, and posted on her Facebook, where it garnered over 1 million likes and almost half a million shares.

Now, how to get him to pay for half of the wedding…

Dads wedding 2

Delia D Blackburn