Dad Sends Racist Letter To Daughter Telling Her To Dump Her Black Boyfriend, It Hits Fan When Twitter Sees It

Stephanie Hicks was stuck between a rock and a hard place: dump her boyfriend, Nike, or be disowned from her family due to Nike’s race. Realizing her family is comprised mostly out of jackasses, Stephanie told them in no uncertain terms that Nike was here to stay and that she would in fact, not be breaking up with him over something as stupid and trivial as the color of his skin.

Unfortunately for Stephanie, while at first she believed her father to have let go of this non-issue, he then wrote her the following letter in which he threatened to kick her out and completely disown her if she did not end her relationship with Nike:

Not knowing how to handle the situation, Stephanie tweeted out a photo of said letter with the caption “sad that it’s 2016 and skin color still matters.” While Stephanie and Nike’s accounts have since been deactivated, Twitter users have flocked to her in droves, tweeting out messages of support to the disillusioned couple:

However, not everyone was on Stephanie’s side…

Nike later said through his Twitter account that “My girls’ dad wrote that letter and once I read it I felt as though the mature thing to do was to end the relationship, I’m not about to see my girl homeless. Needless to say Mrs. Nike just decided to tell her parents we broke up. The letter blew up bigger than expected and her parents found out. Her mom told her to deactivate her account so that’s why her account is gone.”

It is still reportedly unknown whether or not Stephanie’s father followed through with the threats written in his letter.

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