Dad Smashes Kid With Snow Boulder Twice His Size And It Was Probably Worth The Hours Of Crying Afterward

by 4 years ago

Here’s where I remind everyone I’m a father and where I post the disclaimer “I love my kids but…”

Now that those points are out of the way, I want to say this about my children. On many, many occasions I want to rock their world. Just for a brief second. Just in those situations when they assume they’re in control or have the upper hand or think they’re getting one over on their old man.

When I say “rock their world” I don’t necessarily mean physically (though sometimes MAN I’D LOVE TO LAND A COUPLE!) I’m referring to saying or doing something that will get recounted in a therapist’s office decades later.

This father took the lower road and said “that’s it. This kid is getting laid out.” Even the lower roads reach their destination.

[via Esquire]

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