A Bunch Of Dads Prove That Fatherhood Is For The Brave And Dance To “Play That Funky Music” With Their Babies


Fatherhood is not for the faint of heart. Sometimes I get overwhelmed when I babysit my cousins and they’re like 10. They’re essentially self-sufficient. I just have to drive them places. Besides taking care of the kid, the other side of fatherhood is the obligation to do stupid shit you have no interest in doing. Like taking your daughter to One Direction concerts or going to a dance studio with your infant and doing the line dance to “Play That Funky Music”. You can’t just phone things like that in. You have to show up with your A game. No one wants a dad who is half-assing father-time because he’s not into it. This is why I tip my hat to these dads. Do I think any of them want to be dancing with a full-grown baby strapped to their chest? 0%. I can think of 100 things that any average man would want to do instead of this. But that’s why these guys are dads and I’m not. They have what it takes.

P.S. – How about all the wives laughing and cheering offscreen? That would suck. That would suck on too many levels to discuss here.