Dads Of America Dancing To ‘Uptown Funk’ Is Proof That A Man’s Rhythm Dies When He Turns 30

I can’t say for certain where a man’s rhythm goes when he turns 30, but one thing is for certain: it all disappears.

As we see in this supercut of dads awkwardly dancing to ‘Uptown Funk’ there is a finite amount of rhythm in a man’s life, that starts decreasing from the first moment he takes the dance floor in middle school and which appears to most often have drained entirely by the time he has his first child. All the dads in the world combined wouldn’t stack up to one 18-year-old on the dance floor.

Perhaps it’s that older man tend to stop using their imagination as much, and therefore are at a loss when it comes to thinking up new dance moves…or more likely it’s that middle-aged men are awkward as shit.

tip of the hat to Robert Jones for sharing this video with me on Twitter

But at the end of the day, when it comes to dads dancing it’s not at all about the rhythm, is it? No, it’s all about embarrassing the daylights out of your family and everyone around you, because that’s the most fun activity to a dad.


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