Dads Were Forced To Watch Video Of Their Daughters Being Catcalled And Only Committed TWO Homicides After Watching

by 4 years ago

Honest question for all the Bros out there who catcall: does it ever work? Like actually? Has any girl you’ve randomly thrown compliments at / followed around for excessive amounts of time actually been receptive to it to the point where you pulled a number from her? And I’m not talking about any number, I mean a REAL one – as in you texted it and “Ruby” responded, not “Joe the 65-year-old retired mechanic whose grandson just taught him how to use a flip phone.” If you’re being honest, this has probably gotten you laid 0 times.

So if it doesn’t work…why do it? If your mom was walking down the street would you want her to go through the same shit all these ladies went through? No?

According to the video, 96% of women 40 years old and younger reported being subjected to street harassment in the past year. How would you feel if one of your female family members was included in that percentage?

With all that in mind…why?

You can’t possibly have a good reason.

[H/T Elite Daily]