Your Daily Reminder That Air Travel Is The Worst: Lion King, The Musical Edition

The most miserable part of flying is by far the other people. Even with small seats, I would be fine on a jet if no one else was there.

And I’ll be fair. Sometimes I’m to blame. Sunday morning, I woke up with probably the worst fever of the past decade of my life. I was a coughing, sneezing, shivering mess. A day later, still sick and shaking, I had to board a flight. I hacked and wheezed and snotted my way through the trip, thoroughly disgusting the people in the seats next to and across from me.

But hey, at least I wasn’t the cast of The Lion King: Australia who decided to bust out a rendition of the Circle of Life before takeoff.

There is nothing worse in the world than someone delaying takeoff and nap time. These people deserved to be jailed, and this is coming from an unabashed fan of musicals.

Please everyone, for the love of Christ, don’t do anything on a flight that involves interacting with other people. It’s better for society that way.