Dallas High School Teacher Outed as ‘Playboy’ Model; Students Surprisingly Cool With It

by 5 years ago

From the Dallas Morning News and Time:

Several people, calling themselves Deweese’s students, have posted comments on Youtube videos where the teacher gives an interview and poses in lingerie for a photo shoot.

“That’s my Spanish teacher!!!” one comment read.

On Twitter, students talked about Deweese posing for Playboy. Some defended her and said people should leave her alone. “Half of the school already found out about that one Spanish teacher,” one wrote on Twitter. “She’s a teacher now, not a Playboy model anymore! Leave her alone guys.”


Unsurprisingly, older puritans in the state are rabble-rabbling about Deweese's pictures. One Texas Education Agency spokesperson took time off from coloring out his textbooks' references to evolution to call Deweese's employment a “murky situation.” “It wasn’t an illegal activity,” he said, “but it raises the question about whether that action violated the Educators’ Code of Ethics.” And at least one parent is on the record as saying she's upset Deweese wasn't removed from the school by Friday afternoon. The parent wished to remain anonymous, naturally.

What's happening to Deweese is shitty—but not unheard-of. It's similar ground covered by adult film stars who leave the industry and can't find employment as receptionists or real estate agents, ultimately paying the price for providing a service that literally every male in the country is guilty of using. Experts even call it a modern-day Scarlet Letter, which is surpising for a time when sex sells everything from burgers to cars, and porn is nearly mainstream. (Playboy, it should go without saying, has been mainstream for decades.)

It's always the same assholes who criticize women like Deweese for taking off their clothes, then turn around and block them from doing anything else with their lives afterward. But sex drives people to act irrationally. And hopefully Deweese is able to escape their all-consuming idiocy.

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