Is This A Video Of Dan Bilzerian Kicking A Woman In The Face At A Miami Club And Then Fleeing Before Cops Arrived?

Nik Richie from The Dirty uploaded this Instagram video of what appears to be Dan Bilzerian kicking a person in the head at the famous LIV nightclub in Miami on Friday night. The description of the video claims that Bilzerian “kicked a woman in the face like it was no big deal.” Richie also added, “I heard the girl called the police and this American hero ran before the cops showed up. Classy right @steveaoki.”

The footage is so dark and grainy that it is hard to tell the specifics of the situation, but it definitely does appear that it is Bilzerian in the video based on the muscular build. And it does look like he kicks someone who is on the floor looking up at the stage.

TMZ is reporting that the victim, who was a woman, told police she did not want to press charges so they left. They go on to say that sources close to Bilzerian said, “A bunch of women swarmed the stage and Dan kicked someone who was blocking a women he was trying to help onto the stage.” Meanwhile a representative for LIV told TMZ that the infamous club has officially banned Dan from ever coming back.

Dan’s latest Twitter post does suggest that he could be in sunny Miami and that he likes a good tan on his ass. 


We’ll have more details if and when they become available.