Dan Bilzerian Releases A Message Warning Hot Girls To Watch Out For Shady Imposters On Social Media

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Remember the story that went viral earlier this week about Instagram babe Skye Wheatley, the girl who “turned down an invite to get paid to party with Dan Bilzerian?” Yeah, Dan’s people weren’t to happy with that. I got an angry e-mail from Dan’s actual, verified PR guy  that “there is nobody who works for Dan Bilzerian named Jack.”

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More or less, the 23-year-old former Big Brother contestant Skye Wheatley was either doxxed by some creep pretending to be connected to Dan OR made the whole thing up. The Daily Mail took the bait because that’s just the state of Internet publishing today. It’s not hard to imagine a reality star wanting quick publicity when she tweets things like this:


Anyway, yesterday Dan responded to the story with a message on Instagram:


I can’t imagine how terribly boring your life gotta be, to spend your day messaging girls pretending to be someone else, just to talk to them. Especially when talking to them is the worst part

“Also, while I’m not against people paying for sex, I currently don’t as it would be like paying for air.”

That’s a lights-out closing line!

So now you know, ladies: If someone slides into your DMs and says they’re with Dan, they’re *probably* not with Dan unless they’re Dan himself.

Side note: How about Dan’s short shorts game while on vacation in Bali? I don’t think Chubbies can even get hiked up that high.

Bali jungle w @presssme @laurenblakeee & @samabernathyy photocred: @larasebastian

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