Dan Bilzerian Now Has Mobile Game And Of Course It Involves Guns And Large-Breasted Zombie Girls

Anyone who follows Dan Bilzerian‘s life on Instagram has thought at one point or another “that dude needs his own video game.”

Now he’s got it.

The only important app right now is the Dan Bilzerian game. You know him from winning poker tournaments, shooting guns, yachting and having good times with the best looking girls the world has ever seen. This free game gives you a chance to enjoy the same lifestyle…

Or so it should have been…

Roll with Dan and watch his back as hot & deadly zombie chicks try to seduce him into death, or worse. Your job is to gun down these horny invaders and make sure Dan does his thing: activate signal beacons to turn the undead into plain dead. Can you imagine anything more heroic than gambling, especially with your life? Choose weapons depending on your bloodthirst and improve them into your own custom-made killing tools and go trigger-happy across the States.

You and Dan have to team up to take out hot women that turned into zombies after a radiation burst in Area 51, Nevada. And when we say take them out, we don’t mean take them out to dinner. Your mission is to gun down these zombies before they get Dan, who has to activate signal beacons so you both get a chance to carry out the mission: escape the zombie madness and survive. Helping you out are Dan’s trusted friends, his pet goat Zeus and adorable Smushball the cat.

In case you’re curious about those zombie chicks….

Dan Bilzerian Zombie Chick Game


Dan Bilzerian Mobile Game Chicks


I’d let Lucy eat my brains if I could touch her yabbos. Fair is fair.

If you can’t live the life, you might as well protect it. The game hits app stores next week.

[via Save Dan]