Dan Bilzerian Had The Most Dan Bilzerian Response To The Thieves Who Broke Into His House

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Just a few days ago we brought you the story of how over Labor Day weekend a group of thieves broke into Dan Bilzerian’s house, went straight for the room containing all his firearms and…did nothing. Well, that’s sort of a lie – they scratched at the door or some shit and then left. Didn’t steal anything, didn’t break anything, hell they didn’t even bother to steal a few sandos out of the fridge. Shittiest break-in ever.

Well in true Bilzerian fashion, Dan had a few things to say to the people who chose to take a mild-mannered tour around his house and then exit without any ado whatsoever:

If you gonna break into my house, you should probably bring some guns

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“If you gonna break into my house, you should probably bring some guns.”

Or, y’know, at least a lock picking kit, maybe a crowbar to break down a few door hinges, if you’re feeling feisty you could even drag along a battering ram. Don’t know how a tote bag full of firearms are gonna help you break into room full of even more firearms, but hey, that’s Dan Bilzerian for you – shoot first, don’t ask later and then shoot some more.

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