Dan Bilzerian Started His $1.2 Million, 48-Hour Bike Ride Bet With A Police Escort And Is Currently Killing It


It’s ON! It’s so, so ON! Dan Bilzerian is currently in the middle of his 48-hour Las Vegas-to-L.A. bike bet, in which about $1.2 million dollars is at stake.

You can follow his journey at 48 Hour Bet, which is being updated with his process in real-time. He’s about 24-hours in and apparently he’s “killing it” according to our source on his team. He’s about 170 miles into the 240 mile bike trek.

He even had a police escort while leaving Vegas yesterday (…which we assume he paid for out of pocket), resulting in the following awesome drone video.


Sounds like he has a pretty solid strategy for being able to maintain pace: He left from Vegas, which means he will be losing elevation (going downhill towards the coast) vs. gaining it. Plus the van is breaking his wind resistance so he can keep up pace. It also looks like his bike has massive gears to do all the work for him. No wonder he shelled out so much money to make this bet happen. As our bike-riding insider puts it:

Here’s a better look at his bike via 48 Hour Bet

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 5.32.13 PM

Here are a couple pics of his journey so far:









For more, head over to 48 Hour Bet.