Dan Bilzerian Is Currently Suing A Website For The Dumbest Most ‘Duh’ Reason Ever

Dan Bilzerian is known for being a dude on Instagram who takes many many pictures with hot chicks who have very large boobies. There is not a shot in hell that he hasn’t hooked up with at least one of those chicks. For one thing, he’d be dumb not to. They’re hot! Boobs! Flat stomachs! Your average heterosexual man’s wet dream come true! Have you SEEN his Instagram account? Dude’s gotta be drowning in pussy so deep he’s gotten his head lost up a fallopian tube at some point.

But I tend to be quick to judge; maybe I’m wrong and Bilzerian is a total gentleman who talks to his mom on a daily basis and manages to be friends with all his exes. Maybe he’s still a virgin and likes to go to church every Sunday. His “brand image,” if you will, is obviously the exact opposite of that…so who really cares that TheDirty.com posted a story about the guy having chlamydia? Anyone with half of a brain would assume the dude’s contracted at least SOMETHING by this point.

Dan Bilzerian says he’s clean as a whistle, which is why he’s suing a website for claiming he’s riddled with an STD.

Bilzerian filed a defamation suit against TheDirty.com and its founder, Nik Richie, claiming its story that he gave a sex partner chlamydia is false and damaging.

The playboy is complaining about a comment a woman made on the site, “I ended up getting super drunk and sleeping with Dan. I got tested two weeks later and lucky me I found out he gave me chlamydia.”

Many websites are protected from such lawsuits by not editing the comments section. Richie has been sued before for comments on the site, and won. Bilzerian says this one’s different, because the site posted pics of him with several women next to the comment.(via)

Uh…I mean, I always just assume that famous people have at least some variety of crotch rot going on from time to time. Come on, famous DJ’s and actors and whoever travelling around the world to nightclubs and shit 24/7? Obviously they’re hooking up with random people all the time, and due to something I probably would’ve learned in statistics class but didn’t because I never took it, the likelihood that said celebrities remain clean and STD free their entire lives is slim.

Besides, what’s a little chlamydia every now and then? Unlike herpes it’s curable, and I doubt it’s actually stopped anyone from banging the dude. Once you’re worth millions of dollars you can be ugly as fuck and have the dirtiest dick in town but it won’t matter; you’ll still get laid.