Daredevil Motorcyclist Flips Off Cop, Successfully Evades Him Going A Billion MPH Through Atlanta Highway Traffic



What’s this cop’s deal? Just tailgating the shit out of a guy on a motorcycle in the left lane for no reason? No wonder this dude on the bike takes so much offense. I mean, I feel like a middle finger here is pretty warranted, no? Like, back off me, bro!

I get that pulling a wheelie on a crowded highway isn’t the most appropriate thing to do when an officer of the law is bearing down on you, but what else was the bro on the motorcycle supposed to do? Pull over? No way.

Not when you have a need for speed like this and the daredevil ability to evade the cop at will. Gun that shit full-throttle!!!

But really, I understand the motorcycle probably was going above the speed limit and driving erratically as fuck once he jumped on it, and that this whole thing could’ve ended up as a multi-vehicle accident.

But it didn’t, and that’s what matters.

[h/t Thrillon]