Try Not To Piss Your Pants Watching This Daredevil Slacklining Over Hungry Alligators

This morning, Rebecca brought you the terrifying snake pit. And I’ll admit it was pretty scary. But I’ll take 11 snake pits before I take one slacklining attempt over a body of water with ravenous alligators snapping at my heels.

Josh Beaudoin is a professional slackline walker and in his latest stunt, he upped the ante. He crosses water that is inhabited by hungry alligators. And he did this all while wearing high tops, which seems odd. You should have more dedicated footwear such as slackline walking shoes or some shit.

“It was at that point when I completely realized that there was absolutely no room for error,” Josh told Caters.

Beaudoin explained his horrifying accomplishment on Facebook:

Wow, all I can say is I made it out alive! Walking over these alligators have been a challenge that I wanted to do for a while, but please do not try this stunt!!! I have had thousands of hours on the slackline and hundreds more in performances. This is strictly for your entertainment. I think they liked my yellow shoes or maybe it was truly me they were after. No slackers or alligators were harmed during the making of this clip.

Why can’t Josh just walk over a line thousands of feet in the air like a normal daredevil crazy person? At least if you fall it’s a quick death and you’re not being pulled apart limb by limb by prehistoric monsters